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Chris Harris Racing :: News :: Pair Of Aces Best Pairs At Rye House

Pair Of Aces Best Pairs At Rye House

Pair Of Aces Best Pairs At Rye House Chris and partner George Hunter started the meeting in the best possible way with an opening race 5-1 . Chris's rookie partner , who has only been racing speedway for 6 months battled hard and got some valuable points.
In his second ride Chris chased Sam Masters but with track getting choppy on fourth bend came down but got back on to finish the race.
Home man Ed Kennett then took the honours in the third outing after which Chris was undefeated.

WINNERS: Sam Masters & Robert Branford

Bombs Away = 15

Chris Harris - 3,0,2,3,3 = 11
George Hunter - 2*,1,1*,0,0 = 4+2

They're Electric = 07

Davey Watt - NS(SW-0) WITHDRAWN
Danyon Hume - 1,1,1,0,2 = 5
Sam Woods - 0,0,0,1,1* = 2+1

Aussie Rules = 20

Sam Masters - 2,3,3,2*,3 = 13+1
Robert Branford - 1*,2*,F/EX,3,1 = 7+2

Captain & Crew = 15

Edward Kennett - 3,3,3,3,3 = 15 FULL MAXIMUM
Alfie Bowtell - 0,0,0,0,0 = 0

The Royal Males = 16

Danny King - 3,2,3,2,2 = 12
Luke Priest - 0,1*,2*,1*,0 = 4+3

The High Flyers = 17

Luke Bowen - 1*,3,2,2,2 = 10+1
Kyle Hughes - 2,2*,1*,1*,1* = 7+4

Heat Results

Heat 01:(Re-Run): Harris,Hunter,Hume,Woods...56.2
Line Up: Harris , Hunter , Watt Woods , Hume
Comments: Bomber gated, Watt tried round the outside of B3 & threw it into the fence, Hume ploughed in behind. Referee letting all 4 back in if capable, riders still down.

Re-Run: Meeting reserve Sam Woods replaces Davey Watt in the re-run.
From the gate, Hume passed Woods back straight L3.

Heat 02: Kennett,Masters,Branford,Bowtell...56.0
Line Up: Masters , Branford , Kennett , Bowtell
Comments: Masters gated, Kennett made his usual sweep round the outside of B2 & pulled away.

Heat 03: King,Hughes,Bowen,Priest...57.1
Line Up: King , Priest , Bowen , Hughes
Comments: From the gate.

Heat 04: Masters,Branford,Hunter,Harris(Fell/Remounted)...56.2
Line Up: Masters , Branford , Harris , Hunter
Comments: Masters gated with Harris giving chase until he slid off on B4.

Delay while paramedics visit Davey Watt in the pits.

Craig interviewing Chris Neath on the centre green, still very popular.

Full paramedic crew still in the pits.

We're back under way. Davy Watt has been withdrawn, replaced by Sam Woods.

Heat 05: Bowen,Hughes,Hume,Woods...58.5
Line Up: Bowen , Hughes , Watt Woods , Hume
Comments: From the gate

Heat 06: Kennett,King,Priest,Bowtell...55.7
Line Up: Kennett , Bowtell , King , Priest
Comments: From the gate.

Heat 07: Masters,Bowen,Hughes,Branford(Fell/Excluded)...Awarded
Line Up: Bowen , Hughes , Masters , Branford
Comments: Masters & Bowen side by side through B1/B2 with Masters pulling away down the back straight. Branford slid off on B3 while 3rd.

County ambulance just arrived, track has been graded.

Heat 08: Kennett,Harris,Hunter,Bowtell...56.1
Line Up: Harris , Hunter , Kennett , Bowtell
Comments: From the gate.

Heat 09: King,Priest,Hume,Woods...56.7
Line Up: Watt Woods , Hume , King , Priest
Comments: Woods replaces Watt. From the gate.

Heat 10: Kennett,Bowen,Hughes,Bowtell(Fell/Remounted)...56.8
Line Up: Kennett , Bowtell , Bowen , Hughes
Comments: Bowen up inside Kennett B2 but Kennett soon pulled away, Bowtell fell at the back.

Heat 11: Harris,King,Priest,Hunter...56.5
Line Up: King , Priest , Harris , Hunter )
Comments: Tight 1st bend with Harris squeezing between King & Priest onto the back straight.

Heat 12: Branford,Masters,Woods,Hume...57.2
Line Up: Watt Woods , Hume , Masters , Branford
Comments: Woods replaces Watt. Branford round the outside of Masters B2 & pulled out a good lead.

Heat 13: Harris,Bowen,Hughes,Hunter...57.1
Line Up: Harris , Hunter , Bowen , Hughes
Comments: Tight 1st bend with Harris pulling clear down the back straight.

Heat 14: Kennett,Hume,Woods,Bowtell...58.8
Line Up: Watt Woods , Hume , Kennett , Bowtell
Comments: Woods replaces Watt. Trademark sweep round the outside & gone for Kennett.

Heat 15: Masters,King,Branford,Priest...57.9
Line-up: Masters , Branford , King , Priest
Comments: 3 wide round B2 with Masters leaping ahead on to the back straight.